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Analysis of socio-economical profitability – Restructuring and reorganization of the Observatory-GIS of the local development Gilbert BIWOLE

Country : Cameroon
Client : EED
Start Date : 2014
Completion Date : N/A
Value of services : 5,000,000 Fcfa
Funder : N/A
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
This study aims at contributing to the restructuration of the Observatory Gilbert Biwolé for adapting it to the informations needs of the local development. The Observatory restructuration enable to have reliable datas to assess the development on a local basis and to make decisions in investments.

In a particular way this study aims at :
- Proposing discussions with the responsible of the local development after a bibliographical analysis and through to the regulatory framework, a definition of the key concepts ;
- Identifying the main stakeholders whose information needs should be filled in by the Observatory with naturally the clarification of their position ;
- Identifying the actual and future information needs of each stakeholder making out informations to produce and the ones to be used ;
- Identifying among informations, the tools and the existent indicators (OMD, HABITAT II, IPIE 1, etc.) those appropriates for focusing on the local development and particularly to satisfy expressed needs ;
- Proposing appropriates indicators to satisfy all the information needs expressed ;
- Assessing the quality of the indicators proposed regarding the characteristics of a good indicator and particularly validity, reliability, representativeness, simplicity, usefulness and cost ; to verify also the type DOPA (Direct, Objective, Practical, Reachable) of each indicators.
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED contributed to the realization of this project with the provision of a statistician-economist expert dedicated.
His contribution concerned the following tasks :
- Identification and definition of indicators to observe and measure the local development,
- Analysis of the socio-economical profitability of the Observatory and proposition of services to provide to the Observatory and proposition of supply against payment.
- Elaboration of a development plan for the Observatory on a three years periods.
The expert has an overall responsibility of financial and socio-economical indicators.