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Implementation of 6 photovoltaic mini-grids for rural electrification in Mohéli Island, Comoros

Country : Comores
Client : MAMWE (Power Utility For Grand Comore and Mohéli islands)
Start Date : June 2014
Completion Date : may 2017
Value of services : 717 190 €
Funder : European Union (EC ASEAN Energy Facility)
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
MAMWE is the exclusive operator for the production and distribution of electricity on Grande Comore and Moheli islands.

Access to electrical services for domestic and industrial uses is problematic in many parts of the country , which is a major obstacle to the development of the areas concerned .

The total production capacity is low compared to the demand, which leads to frequent power cuts. Comoros is extremely dependent on external energy supplies, in particular on petroleum products (biggest share of imports of the country). In fact, nearly 98% of power generation is based on diesel generators, while the country has real unused renewable energy potential.

Furthermore, the electric network coverage is still very limited outside the main cities, especially in the island of Moheli where it is below 10%.

Therefore, MAMWE wanted to develop a pilot program for the development of photovoltaic power plants and mini-grids in the western region of the island of Moheli. Following a feasibility study demonstrating the viability of the project, MAMWE got funding from UE under the Energy Facility II program.

The project area includes six villages ( Ndrondroni , Ouallah 1 Ouallah 2 Hamba , Barakani and Domoni ) , representing approximately 15% of the total population of the island.
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED has been entrusted with the task of Technical Assistance to support the implementation of the entire project :
- Preparatory activities : Defining the scope of and data collection;
- Preliminary outline : Socio-economic surveys , assessment of electrical demand profiles, technical and economic analysis of relevant solutions.
- Final design : Final sizing and layouts, Detailed technical specifications.
- Preparation of bidding documents , Consultation and preparation of the contracts;
- Analysis and implementation of visa records;
- Work supervision : Progress and administrative monitoring , Compliance of goods and works ;
- Assistance to acceptance of work phase;
- Capacity building: Animating technical training sessions; Writing of operation and maintenance manuals, Support for local structures in charge of power plant management.