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Benin Electricity sector development Masterplan

Country : Benin. .
Client : Energy Ministry
Start Date : 07-2014
Completion Date : 08-2015
Value of services : 275 000 €
Funder : IDA - World Bank
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The main objective of the project was to prepare the Benin electricity sector masterplan including the following tasks:
- Generation Transmission and distribution Masterplan
- Masterplan implementation plan
- Load forecast database establishment
- Capacity building
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED performed the following activities in order to achieve the project objectives
- Review of sectorial documents
- Electricity sector GIS consolidation
- 3 load forecast scenario study
- Distribution network masterplan study
- Offer inventory
- Energy balance of the Benin-Togo interconnected system modelling
- Electrical system expansion scenario evaluation
- Optimization of the production and transmission system of the interconnected Benin-Togo network
- Development of the implementation of the masterplan
- Training and capacity building.