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Public Expenditure Review (PER) in the energy sector in Cameroon

Country : Cameroon. .
Client : N/A
Start Date : N/A
Completion Date : October 2013
Value of services : 11 528 €
Funder : AfDB (African Development Bank)
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The overall objective of the PER Project in the energy sector is to identify public spending in the energy sector (mainly including electric power, oil and renewable energy) to improve the electrification of the country. It is also to assess relevance to the implementation of optimal solutions for (i) meet the demands of people's access to electricity services, both in quantity and quality, (ii) promote the development of industrial sectors contributing to economic development, and (iii) pursue export opportunities (on the interconnected network).

PER Project has also the aim to objectively assess the performance of public spending relative in a reference framework of sub-regional and / or continental cost

It is also necessary to identify issues of sector-based governance analysis (including non-technical and operational constraints) to be treated in a more specific policy framework, with appropriate levers.

The specific objective of the PER is to critically evaluate the role and contribution of the energy sector in the long-term growth of Cameroon. The PER also allows to estimate the potential, but also the constraints of the sector to make Cameroon a country which can satisfy both domestic demand and export its production to neighboring countries or interconnected sub-regional networks.

The study has provided the necessary information to banks and other donors in the development of interventions to support the sector and the priorities of authorities but also to objectively assess the performance of public expenditure.

The analysis of the composition of public spending, in the sector, has assessed the impact of these expenses on the growth and the fight against poverty. In this context, and in order to facilitate data collection, retrospective analysis of the sector has been limited to a maximum period of 5 years from 2008 to 2012.
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED has performed the above work under the primary supervision of a specialist in charge of Energy through the Country Economist and the Bank Resident Representative in Cameroon.

The results of the PER project are documented in a report that shows all the analyzes, conclusions and recommendations and a plan of action. The report, prepared in a participatory context, through exchange and restitution workshops involving all stakeholders, will serve as a guideline for the pursuit of a dialogue between donors and the Government of Cameroon for the implementation of recommendations and actions identified. In addition, At the end of the study.

IED must submit to the Bank a sectoral dialogue document (5 pages), which will serve to initiate dialogue with the Government.