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TERM (Tonga Energy Road Map) off-grid coordinator: Review of the operation and maintenance processes, Strategic recommendations for off-grid sustainable implementation

Country : Tonga. .
Client : Government of Tonga
Start Date : March 2013
Completion Date : May 2013
Value of services : 90 436 €
Funder : European union
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
In 2010 the Government of Tonga adopted a strategic plan (the Tonga Energy Road Map – TERM) to halve the fossil fuel usage in Tonga by 2020.
The goal is to provide within archipelago accessible and affordable electricity that is environmentally responsible and commercially viable. The less populated islands are electrified through off-grid technologies, i.e. decentralized systems, mostly Solar Home Systems. Tonga Energy Roadmap Implementation Unit has been part of successful off-grid projects in the past and is planning to implement more in the near future.
The initiative seeks to reach 100% RE based, well-planned, highly reliable electricity services.
The objective of the technical assistance is to carry out an evaluation of the systems and processes currently in place applicable for off-grid electrification in Tonga’s outer islands, as well as identify gaps in work required for the successful implementation of the off-grid electrification project. The work focus heavily around ensuring the sustainability of the system, with a particular emphasis on alternatives to the current arrangement including private sector participation.
Description of the Actual Services Provided 1. Conduct an audit of capacity within the Energy Division to implement the off-grid projects;
2. Review the efficacy of the off-grid investment over the last decade, identifying opportunities for improvement;
3. Review the systems and capabilities that ensure Tongan involvement in current and projected Development Partner run projects, and how these support the monitoring and maintenance of hardware provided to ensure effective lifecycle performance;
4. Provide recommendations for the monitoring and evaluation of the performance of assets created by off-grid electrification projects throughout their lifecycles;
5. Provide options for operations and maintenance based on a systemic approach in order to meet the needs for off-grid electrification and providing a transition plan for options proposed as viable;
6. Provide strategic advice to Tonga Energy Roadmap Implementation Unit on the institutional, policy, technical financial, environmental, and social aspects of the project in order to ensure a sustainable implementation of the off-grid component of the Tonga Energy Roadmap.