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Joint assessment study of the Philippine Rural Electrification Service Project (PRES)

Country : Philippines
Client : French State (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Start Date : June 2013
Completion Date : December 2013
Value of services : 30 440 €
Funder : French State (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and DOE Philippines for counterpart
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
IED-DOE join study to assess the PRES project (technical, economical and financial status) after 5 years operation in order to sustain and strengthen the project for the continued electricity services of 18,000 PRES household beneficiaries (SHS and micro-grids) in Masbate island.
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED has conducted the following services (Phase 1):
* Collection and analysis of background information, development of the sampling plan
* Field surveys (social, technical, financial, organizational issues)
* Data analysis and formulation of recommendations and action plan (Phase 2)
* 2 stakeholder consultations
* Assessment report and scoping of PRES sustainability plan
* In particular, issues of areas where grid connection would be relevant, those where SHS would remain were addressed; those of the financial balance of operations; and further, a proposed options for sustainable operations, involving the utility, local communities, private parties and Small Power Utilities Group.
* Recommendations for a 2 year implementation plan were formulated.