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Definition of a framework programme for interventions in the energy and power sectors in Tanzania under the 11th European Development-National Indicative Programme (EDF-NIP)

Country : Tanzania. .
Client : Delegation of European Union inTanzania
Start Date : 07/2013
Completion Date : 10/2013
Value of services : 141 995 €
Funder : Delegation of European Union inTanzania
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
Assistance to the European Union (EU) Delegation to Tanzania (in coordination with EU Member States) and the Government of Tanzania through the facilitation of the National Authorising Office in defining an EDF 11 programme in the energy and power sectors in Tanzania.
Description of the Actual Services Provided 1. Review and confirmation of the rationale for the power and energy sector to become a focal sector of the 11th EDF NIP in Tanzania, in support to country-driven reform programmes and sector development plans.
2. Further development of the pre-identified specific areas of intervention of the EU 11th EDF NIP in the energy sector in Tanzania; Development a strategically oriented and coherent intervention approach, that maximises potential impact and value added of the EU intervention; Proposition of alternative areas of intervention based on a sound justification.
3. Identification of options for implementation modalities and key implementation partners in the identified intervention areas.
4. Exploration of opportunities for close cooperation and synergies with other development partners and in particular with EU Member States in specific areas of intervention.
5. Definition of the most efficient articulation between possible interventions under the 11th NIP and interventions under other instruments (thematic, regional, ad hoc facilities and financing windows) that can be mobilised in support to energy sector development.
6. Integration of climate change concerns and ensure the mainstreaming of gender in the programming of 11 EDF energy interventions.