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Willingness-To-Pay Study for Lighting Africa-Approved Solar Lanterns in Burkina Faso

Country : Burkina Faso. .
Client : The World Bank .
Start Date : 2013
Completion Date : June 2013
Value of services : 23 500 €
Funder : World Bank .
Associate/Partner : The Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV), Entrepreneurs du Monde (EdM)
Description :
Lighting Africa, a joint IFC and World Bank program, seeks to accelerate the development of commercial off-grid lighting markets in Sub-Saharan Africa as part of the World Bank Group's wider efforts to improve access to energy. Lighting Africa is mobilizing the private sector to build sustainable markets that provide affordable, modern off-grid lighting to communities across Africa that are not on the electricity grid.

In support of the activities financed by the Electricity Sector Support Project in Burkina Faso, Lighting Africa carried out a number of upstream analytical studies that will collectively inform the selection and design of market development and Lighting Africa-approved product deployment activities.

The overall objective of the assignment was to analyse consumption and purchase patterns related to individual / household lighting and to determine consumers’ willingness to pay for Lighting Africa approved solar lanterns in urban and rural areas. The assignment undertakes an assessment of consumers’ adoption of lighting products in general, and categorization of where consumers stand in the adoption process of Lighting Africa approved solar lanterns in particular. The assignment uses consumers’ adoption of mobile telephones as a proxy for this study.
Description of the Actual Services Provided * Assessment of consumers' willingness to pay for Lighting Africa approved solar lanterns
* Assessment of Lighting Africa products consumers satisfaction
* Off-grid products and electricity services complementarity assessment
* Interviews with existing and potential solar lamps market key stakeholders for a clear overview of the sector
* Benchmark with Mobile Telephony Model and lessons learnt from related distribution strategy
* Formulation of recommendations to spur demand for Lighting Africa products