Fiches GB: 1989

Hydro electricity. N/A  N/A



Feasibility study for the development of small scale hydro-power plants

Country : Morocco. .
Client : AFME (French Agency for Energy Management)
Start Date : 1989
Completion Date : 1989
Value of services : 48 500 FF
Funder : AFME (French Agency for Energy Management)
Associate/Partner : CIMH Cabinet Gaudiot
Description :
The French Energy Management Agency (AFME) and the Moroccan Department of Energy commissioned a three-person consultant team to conduct a feasibility study for a small hydroelectric power station programme to be installed in the irrigated areas of upper the Atlas mountains.
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED was requested to pilot the project, i.e :
* to examine the energy situation in traditional irrigated areas particularly those with traditional mills,
* establish specifications of hydroelectric installations operational in these areas for small electric equipment usage,
* economic assessment of different options with regard to conventional (small unit) or modern (photovoltaic) solutions,
* work out technical specification for 10 kW model installations for a dozen site and propose an implementation programme,
* propose an equipment operation and maintenance scheme.
The results of this study made it possible to envisage a "micro hydro" component in the Moroccan Rural pre-electrification Pilot Programme aimed at supplying 240 villages with electricity through small decentralised systems.