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Rural electrification. N/A  N/A



Organisation of a workshop on rural electrification programmes implementation

Country : N/A
Client : ADEME - French Environment and Energy Management Agency .
Start Date : 1994
Completion Date : 1994
Value of services : 155 000 FF.
Funder : ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) .
Associate/Partner : ATN
Description :
The UNDP ( the United Nations Development Programme), together with the French Co-operation Agencies (Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry for Co-operation, the French Development Bank and the Environment and Energy Management Agency) organised a workshop in September 1994 on Decentralised PV based Electrification programmes for sustainable development. IED provided the technical assistance to organise this venue.
Description of the Actual Services Provided The workshop was attended by 10 representatives from India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mauritania, Morocco, Kenya, Sahel countries (CILSS), Zimbabwe, Mexico who were all directly involved in the implementation of such programmes. The workshop was convened pursuant to the following objectives :
* exchange of experiences, in particular to the organisational methods of programme implementation, financial structures and tariffs, management and maintenance of installations,
* establish guidelines for project design.
The workshop examined the issues at stake from two different angles :
* State supported electrification (institutional operators),
* Market based private sector initiatives.
IED provided global technical assistance : established lists of participants, drafted the final agenda and thematic sessions, prepared and distributed workshop information documents, prepared a schedule for the oral presentations, refined documents and finalised workshop documents for the closing session, and in conclusion prepared the seminar proceedings on the basis of technical discussions and summary reports. Proceedings are available upon request. A « White Paper » on lessons learnt was also prepared by IED (Ref. 19).