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Study on mini hydro and tidal turbine power plants technologies adapted to rural electrification in developing countries

Client : EDF - Electricité de France .
Start Date : 10/2003
Completion Date : 01/2004
Value of services : 13 645€
Funder : EDF (Electricité de France) .
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
Within the framework of its program ACCESS, EDF sets up, through companies subsidiary (named Decentralized Service Companies DSC) projects of decentralized rural electrification (DRE) in the developing countries.
To optimise the perennial implementation of installations, EDF seeks to know various technologies and the projects allowing a decentralized production of electricity of hydraulic origin.
It is thus a question of establishing a census of the technologies adapted to the rural electrification available on the international or local market (i) hydraulic pico-power stations with fall and (ii) “hydrauliennes” without fall from 0,1 to approximately 100 kVA, and to analyze where these technologies are applied and some concrete significatives experiments.
Description of the Actual Services Provided This study is undertaken in three stages with an oral presentation of the first results at the end of stage 1 and stage 2.
Stage 1: Seek and identification of the countries where there are uses and a natural energy of development resting on pico-hydraulics and « hydrauliennes »,
Stage 2: Correlative identification of the organizations of research, the industrialists and the salesmen, acquisition of the data of these technologies and treatment,
Stage 3 Correlative identification and choice of projects carried out in the developing countries and presenting an experience feedback interesting, exploitation and working out about this information.
The step suggested by IED is based initially on its great knowledge with the export of the field of the decentralized rural electrification where it played a pioneer part in the formulation of the concept. It is also based (i) on its knowledge of the countries where it intervenes, (ii) on the many local partners, which it often joined, (iii) on the network of information and contacts constituted with the great export, (iv) on its permanent representatives abroad.
It is, on the whole, fifty cards, which could be produced on these small technologies, adding up about thirty industrialists and salesmen in the five continents.
An experience feedback, where are evoked the context, the costs, technologies used, the problem of operation, is proposed for three projects in Asia / Nepal and Indonesia and Latin America / Peru.