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Pre-feasibility study of Small Hydro power plants in Tea catchments areas of Kenya

Country : Kenya. .
Client : (KTDA) Kenya Tea Development Agency
Start Date : 01/2004
Completion Date : 12/2004
Value of services : 89 800€
Funder : ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency)
Associate/Partner : Cypher International, Kenya
Description :
The overall objectives of the project are to use local energy resources (hydrological) so as to increase the availability of power and reduce costs for Tea Factories who are members to the KTDA management scheme, and to ensure increased access to electricity services to communities residing in the proximity of the Tea Factories. In addition, at a more global level, the project will contribute towards reducing CO2 emissions via the substitution of fossil fuels with renewable energy sources. The project has three sets of objectives:

1.1. Economic Development Objective
Tea Factories experience frequent power outages and thus rely on costly diesel generators to meet their electrical needs. The development of local hydro resources will also have to be competitive with KPLC tariffs (fixed tariff plus connection fees – c. 11 c€ / kWh).

1.2. Social Development Objective
To date, the majority of households in the Tea Catchment Area do not have access to electricity. The project will include a service extension to the local populations, either in partnership with KPLC or through a service provided by the Tea factories themselves.

1.3. Environmental Development Objective
The project will allow the substitution of the use of fossil fuels by renewable energy sources of energy.
Description of the Actual Services Provided The study will focus on a cluster of 7 factories situated east of the Aberdares. These Factories are within a 40 km diameter and distances from one another usually do not exceed 5km. Should this first cluster be successful more clusters of tea factories could be lined up for subsequent project replication.
This area is home to 23 Tea factories managed by KTDA.