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Feasibility study of large solar power plants connected to interconnected grids in West African Region

Country : Benin. Burkina Faso. Ivory Coast. Guinea Bissau. Mali. Niger. Senegal. Togo (UEMOA countries)
Client : UEMOA (West-African Economic and Monetary Union)
Start Date : March 2013
Completion Date : Ongoing
Value of services : 208 200 €
Funder : UEMOA (West-African Economic and Monetary Union)
Associate/Partner : SEMIS (Senegal)
Description :
Within the framework of its Regional Initiative for Sustainable Energy (IRED), the UEMOA Commission wishes to promote the development of renewable energies for power production in UEMOA countries. The objective is to reach 82 % by 2030.
The solar energy has a crucial role to play in this development. Solar potential in UEMOA countries located in the Sahelian area, as Niger, Senegal and Burkina Faso, is enormous.
This study aims at carrying out feasibility studies of large solar power plants connected to existing or foreseen interconnected grids.
Description of the Actual Services Provided Elaboration of a development plan for solar energy in line with UEMOA global ambitions for renewable energy based electricity production
Identification of the most appropriate solar technologies regarding the regional context, and their expectable evolutions
Identification of available human resources in solar sector in UEMOA countries
Assessment of existing institutional schemes in UEMOA countries
Identification of favourable sites for the development of solar power plants, considering sunshine potential, proximity with the interconnected grids and geographical and political dispersal
Technical and economic demonstration of the identified sites potential
Selection of 2 to 5 pilot solar projects
Feasibility studies and financial schemes for selected project
Drafting of tenders models for the implementation of power plants