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Design of the Emergency Rural Electrification Programme of the Senegal River Basin

Country : Mali . Senegal
Client : N/A
Start Date : 2004
Completion Date : 2004
Value of services : 25 325€
Funder : World Bank
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The objectives of the “emergency rural electrification of the Senegal river basin” mission were to:
- Select 30 villages to electrify (10 in each member country), based on Member State suggestions while complying with the prioritisation rules of the EFER study
- Write a Report relating the Project Definition, its implementation and timelines, and the financial boundaries
Description of the Actual Services Provided The job assignment started with a round mission in Mali, Mauritania and Senegal, when the consultant visited all the sites suggested by each Member State.
In each country, the consultant analysed which could be the most economical site electrification solution, with a land planning mindset, and following the technical and economic logics for electrical system development as described in the EFER (study conducted 2 years earlier by IED and approved by the OMVS).
All the villages are to be connected with MV lines, requiring in some cases additional equipment. Depending on the strategy adopted, the recommended infrastructure will have an impact at the national level for electrification, further than village electrification.
In each country, the consultant established equipment type prescriptions and designed a quantitative estimation for budget.
An investment scheme was described in order to enable the budgets to be balanced at FCFA 1.5 Bn between each member state.
The consultant then designed a specific organisation enabling OMVS to instil a dynamic to these investments, and to reduce their costs to benefit member states.