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Reference Name of the project Main activity Country Year
114 Development of a strategy and the implementation plan of the rural electrification component of the Energy Sector Reform Project (PRSE) Consultancy Burkina Faso. . 2002
113 Study on electricity decentralized production from small hydro power plants through private sector and local co-operatives participation Studies Ethiopia. . 2002
112 Development of an action plan to promote energy efficiency in public building Consultancy Mauritania. . 2001
111 Identification of projects aiming at modernizing cooling installations in industry sector in order to reduce their environmental impact Studies Benin. Burkina Faso. Ivory Coast, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo 2001
110 Feasibility study and development of MHP tender documents for private sector participation in the electrification of three secondary centres Studies Mozambique. . 2001
108 Feasability study of a decentralized rural electrification programme Studies Cameroon 2002
107 Technical Assistance to the Agency for Development of Rural Electrification (ADER) Technical assistance Mauritania. . 2002
106 Feasibility study of the Malian component of the Regional Solar Pumping Programme(PRS II) Studies Mali. . 2002
105 Development of policy options and tools to encourage the transfer and implementation of technologies contributing to sustainable development in developing countries Studies EUROPE. . 2001
103 Technical Assistance to the renewable energy G8 task force to identify the main barriers to the use of renewable sources of energy in developing countries Technical assistance OTHERS. . 2000
102 Feasibility study of the Nigerian component of the Phase of the Regional Solar Programme (PRS II) Studies Niger. . 2000
101 Feasibility study for rural electrification projects in Senegal river basin Studies Mali. Mauritania. Senegal 2001
99 Technical assistance to the Ouahigouya region electrification project Technical assistance Burkina Faso. . 2000
98 Study on potential energy savings in cooling systems Studies France. Spain. Portugal. Italy. Greece. Germany 2000
97 Power, fuel an water efficiency programme for the industries of and industrial zone of Casablanca, incl. Pilot implementation Studies Morocco. . 2000
95 Study on dwelling heating systems labelling Consultancy EUROPE. . 2000
94 Feasibility study of the Burkina Faso component of the Regional Solar Pumping Programme Studies Burkina Faso. . 2000
93 Technical assistance to the rural electrification project of Ganzourgou region Technical assistance Burkina Faso. . 2000
92 Assessment of energy potential, with special focus on renewable energies Studies France. . 2000
91 Feasibility study for the private development of mini hydropower plants Studies Philippines. . 2000