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Energy management in Cambodian Hotel sector

Country : Cambodia .
Client : ADEME - French Environment and Energy Management Agency. CHA - Cambodian Hotelier Association
Start Date : April 2008
Completion Date : December 2008
Value of services : 84 125 $
Funder : ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) - CHA (Cambodian Hotelier Association)
Associate/Partner : CHA - Cambodian Hotelier Association
Description :
Tourism is one of the main economic sector in Cambodia with more than 1.5 m tourists per year, 1 billion US$ revenue, growth rate about 15-20% per year. This increase creates a pressure on infrastructure development in Cambodia, particularity on electricity and water demand.
Electricity and water network in Cambodia are highly constrained to supply the demand. The water and electricity costs are very high : 0,2 US$/kWh.
Knowledge on Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management Measures for hotel managers and their staff can be greatly improved and lead to considerable cost reductions for hotels and reduced environmental impact.

The main objectives of the project are :
- to respond to the urgent needs of the Cambodia Hotelier Association members to improve its natural resources utilization behaviour (energy and water)
- to propose the implementation of actions with hotel industry to promote sustainable tourism
- to improve Cambodian hotel sector capabilities on energy efficiency
- to initiate discussion with the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy (MIME) on needed policy measures to support energy efficiency
Description of the Actual Services Provided - Awareness raising towards Cambodian Hotel managers through workshops
- Implementation of Energy Efficiency measures by the hotels' technical staff in four or six Hotels based on a self-evaluation guide.
- Technical trainings and dissemination of Cambodian Hotel Energy Efficiency experiences through dissemination workshops.