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Energetical diagnosis of the Mercure President Hotel – Grenoble

Country : France .
Client : Accor Group, DR Lyon
Start Date : 2007
Completion Date : 2007
Value of services : 6000 €
Funder : OPATB (Programm for Energy Efficiency in the building sector)
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The Accor group hotel « Mercure » was built in 1989-1990. It consists of 105 rooms and common facilities such as a hall, meeting rooms, restaurant, kitchen. The building is entirely air-conditioned, including the kitchen. It was well built and is in good condition.
In the framework of the OPTAB, a prediagnosis was driven, whose conclusions were adopted by the contracting authority. This latter requested that the audit should focus on the following points :
- Reduction of lighting consumptions of identified rooms by replacing lamps
- A better optimization of the Air Treatment running
- The integration of a solar water heating system
- A reduction of the heating consumption of the swimming pool.
Regarding these points, improvement is feasible as well at comfort level as for the reduction of consumptions.
The purpose of the energetical audit is to precise the reduction potentials of identified consumptions from a quantitative and a technical feasibility point of view.
Description of the Actual Services Provided The process rely on a general audit of the building whose purpose is to carry out the assessment of current energy consumptions and then to estimate the impact of proposed measures.
The study includes the following steps :
- Current situation assessment: general state, sizing, adaptation to the present and foreseen needs.
- Analysis of the consumption posts
- Argued propositions of solutions depending on the investment costs and on the projected operating costs
- Synthesis