Technical assistance
Wind power. Solar power  N/A



Design and Evaluation of the Technical assistance on the TEP VERTES program design

Country : Polynesia . New Caledonia. Wallis and Futuna
Client : Territories & Delegation of European Union in Fiji .
Start Date : 21 June 2008
Completion Date : End of June 2009
Value of services : TEP VERTES I : 73 182$ TEP VERTES II : 99 980$ Total : 173 162$
Funder : European Union - OCT (Overseas Country and Territories)
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The TEP vertes project is a 3 years regional project of 10 millions EURO co-financed by the EU and by each territory.

The objectives are to improve lifestyle, to develop economic activities of rural population and to reduce fossil fuel-reliance in 3 french OCTs (New Calédonia, French Polynesia, Wallis & Futuna) by increasing the access to renewable energies respectful to the environment.

Solar photovoltaic and wind technologies are considered for the different island contexts.
Description of the Actual Services Provided TEP VERTES I :
The assignment has been to evaluate the first phase of the project and to improve the proposed design: assessment of technologies, sites, and management options, as well as local capacities to coordinate and implement the renewable energy project.
New action plans and urgent recommendations have been proposed to catch up the initial program.
The technical solutions considered to enhance renewable electricity are to install 5 large renewable power plants connected to the grid (4 solar and one wind) and 4 stand-alone hybrid power plants (solar with diesel).

Step 1: Assistance to the 3 project leaders and coordinator in the preparation of the international bidding documents.
Step 2: Assistance in the bid evaluation and contract awarding.