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Identification study of the electric interconnection between Cameroon and Chad. Electrical output and conveying.

Country : Cameroon . Chad
Client : Délégation de la CE à Bangui .
Start Date : Mid July 2008
Completion Date : February 2009
Value of services : 179 575 €
Funder : European Union
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
Chad hasn’t available economic electric generation sites of several tens of MW likely to feed its future national network. On the other hand North Cameroon shelters on the septentrional part of the Adamaoua mountain, near to Chad and Nigeria, a dozen sites joining together a potential of about 650 MW/4 000 GWh.
In addition, the progression of the total request of the Zone (Northern Cameroon + Southern West Chad + zones close to Nigeria) could reveal needs of about 2.500 to 3.000 GWh by 2030. This request in the long term is capable to be covered by the hydroelectric potential of North Cameroon.
The identification study of the electric interconnection aims to acquire an overall aspect of the infrastructures likely to supply the integrated market of North Cameroon and Western South Chad under conditions of economic and environmental optimization. This study reviews the technico-economic and environmental profile of the various sites of hydroelectric production and defines the main very high voltage electric lines and the different stages of their construction.
Description of the Actual Services Provided Five (5) main tasks structured the project. They are as follows:
- Evaluation of the geography of the energy demand and its projection to the horizon 2030,
- Evaluation of the current device of production, transport and distribution in North Cameroon and the specific planning & development documents to this zone,
- Analyze existing documentation on the sites with a field surveys component,
- Establishment of some strategic assumptions of development on the basis of different supply scenario,
- Definition of an equipment commitment, an investment plan and a logical distribution between the two Cameroonian and Chadian parts - correlative proposal of suitable institutional mechanisms to support the execution of the plan, at the stage of investment and exploitation periods.