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Audit of the real estate asset of the state – Department Rhône

Country : France .
Client : French state - Ministry of Internal Affairs
Start Date : 12 november 2008
Completion Date : 30 avril 2009
Value of services : 342 000 €
Funder : French State (Ministry of Home Affairs)
Associate/Partner : ODICEO (leader) - GIRUS ingénierie
Description :
As part of the modernization and good management of the real estate asset of the State and the setting up of the “Grenelle of environment”, the Prefecture of Rhône-Alpes is contract authority of an experimental project of real estate diagnosis and energy audit on 26 sites in the city of Lyon.
This study’s purpose are patrimonial and environmental. On behalf of the Grenelle of environment, the aim is to reduce :
- the greenhouse gases emissions by 75% within the next 40 years with an intermediary step of 50% within 10 years.
- The primary energy consumptions by 40% within 10 years.

The study consists in 3 parts :

- Description and qualification of the 26 sites from the point of view of their energy and environmental performances
- Description and qualification of the 26 sites from the point of view of their general state and of their compliance with the fire, heating, lifts and asbestos regulations
- Establishment of a global and coherent program of renovation of all the 26 sites. The proposed program shall show how to reach the objectives of reduction of the energy consumptions and GHG emissions in the 10 and 40 years horizons while respecting the compliance and the durability of the building, i.e. the maintenance and the conservation of the existing buildings.
Description of the Actual Services Provided The mission realized by IED consists in the energy audit of the buildings : heating and air conditioning systems.
The present energy performances of the outer shell and of the heating and air-conditioning systems are estimated.
The management of the building and of the installations are also assessed and recommendations for their optimization are proposed.
Technically feasible solutions at the date of the study allowing the improvement of performances are sought and proposed. It should meet the objectives of reduction of energy consumptions and GHG emissions.
During this mission, the energy and environmental criteria are underlined, the financial constraints – profitability and budget, are considered as second priority, the economical optimization will be done on the global patrimony during the strategy phase.
The recommendations formulated in the frame of the energy audit are confronted with the recommendations done in the frame of the building maintenance mission (realized by Girus). A single coherent program of rehabilitation and performance improvement work is proposed for each site.
Analysis and planning of actions at the whole patrimony scale (26 sites) is realized by the partner ODICEO with the assistance of two associated firms : Girus and IED.