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Wind Energy and Concentrating Solar Power in Jordan

Country : Jordania .
Client : National Energy Research Centre in Jordan
Start Date : 04/01/2009
Completion Date : 04/02/2009
Value of services : 35 310€
Funder : European Commission - Europaid
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
Wider exploitation of renewable energy (RE) sources is a key priority for Jordan. Along with energy efficiency, the development of renewable energy sources is part of Jordan strategy to meet the increasing energy demand, enhance its security of energy supply, develop new activities for local industries and services and promote economic and social development.
Renewable energy sources have barely been tapped into for the generation of electricity. According to the National Energy Strategy, Renewable Energy Source must represent at least 10% in the primary energy mix in 2020.
The proposed project seeks to build the capacities of the beneficiary as well as a national technical team in the fields of wind energy and Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) development. It is designed as a project approach based on the expected outputs which include technical assistance, building capacities and supply of relevant equipment for the proposed wind testing facility and CSP pilot plant. It is in line with the National Energy Strategy for Jordan and will facilitate the implementation of the renewable energy part of the strategy.
Description of the Actual Services Provided The specific objective of the mission was the design of an EU support project for the Development of Capacity Building in Wind energy and Concentrated Solar Power in Jordan fitting into the relevant Jordanian policy frameworks in these fields. In order to fulfil this objective the mission contribute to the development of the needed work-plan and potential policies and strategies to ensure mainstreaming Renewable energy sources within the overall Jordan energy policies.
The mission’s outputs included:
* A comprehensive document describing policies, strategies and implementation methods for Renewable energy in Jordan. This will include a deep assessment of the problems to be addressed, the stakeholders' analysis, and the proposed strategy plus all required measures and activities for effective piloting and implementation of the proposed actions.
* An economic and financial analysis to reflect the needed investment
* An Action Fiche for the project
* Detailed Technical and Administrative Provisions (TAPS) for the EU support project, including the project work plan
* An elaborated logical framework.
* A financing agreement for the proposed project
* Terms of reference for the Technical assistance needed during the project