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N/A. Rural electrification  Power distribution



Rural Electrification by extension of the SBEE electric network

Country : Benin
Client : GTZ, Germany - SBEE (Société béninoise d'énergie électrique) .
Start Date : April 2009
Completion Date : December 2011
Value of services : 2 169 708 €
Funder : AFD (French Development Agency ) - European Union (Energy Facility)
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The rural electrification program of energy facility in Benin consisted in :
- Identification of 105 villages to be electrified
- Preparation of electrical and design studies, bills of quantities, procurement documents…
- The realization of MV/LV line infrastructures and connections for an amount around 15 MEUR.
- Capacity building in geospatial rural electrification (GEOSIM)

The involved settlements (around 105) accounted for more than 120 000 connected people by 2012. The program was implemented by a program management unit (PMU) put in place by the contractor (Ministry of Mines and Energy), including SBEE (Benin electricity company) and ABERME (rural electrification and energy efficiency agency) as partners. It was cofinanced by AFD (38%), the energy facility/EC (38%), DGIS (Netherlands, 12%) and SBEE (12%). GTZ ensured the financial and administrative management of the main markets and support to the PMU.
Description of the Actual Services Provided 1. Characterization of electricity supply and demand in rural areas.
2. Final selection of settlements to connect via a technical, social and economic assessment. This optimisation is allowed by the software GEOSIM®.
3. A first techno-economic review of the transport and distribution lines. Elaboration of an equipment list for a first MV/LV order.
4. Detailed techno-economic study. Elaboration of the equipment lists for the complementary order.
5. Writing of the call for tender and support to the procurement.
6. Control of the installation work and equipment monitoring.
7. techno-economic proposal of renewable energy sites on a fixed budget basis.
8. Support to capacity building activities of ABERME, SBEE and DGE (organization of capacity building modules on planning and rural electrification, electrical and mechanical sizing calculations).
9. Data Integration onto a GIS (Geographical Information System)