Energy Efficiency. N/A  N/A



Strategy definition and support for implementation of the EE programme of the Palestinian Energy Agency

Country : Palestine .
Client : French fund for the world environment (FFEM) .
Start Date : April 2010
Completion Date : March 2013
Value of services : N/A
Funder : FFEM (French Fund for the World Environment)
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The support program for the implementation of energy efficiency measures was co-financed by the French Fund for Environment and the World Bank. This project was crucial for the Palestinian Territories, considering the concerning situation of the energy sector, for all the economic players and the population. The geopolitical context of the region results in a high cost of energy for everyone in the territories.
This project brings a significant contribution through short term answers (low consumption lamps) and also by building basis for longer term results (thermal regulations for buildings).

This support program for energy efficiency in strategic sectors in the Palestinian territories included several actions involving a large panel of players. Actions have been implemented with industrial sector firms, electricity utilities, building firms, university agents, research centers, authorities for all regulation and legislation aspects and also with the whole population through medias during communication campaigns.
The AFD/FFEM needed an evaluation of progress versus targets in order to reinforce the progress of the project by recruiting a consultant to coach the project team gathered within PEA/PEC.
Description of the Actual Services Provided – Evaluation of project achievements at mid-term, and reformulating activities as well as “coaching” PEC staff to reach the project goals
– Support to project implementation: On behalf of the AFD/FFEM, participation in the steering committee meetings. Progress analysis and orientation
– Result dissemination
– Capacity building : assessment of needs (technical and financial), organisation of study tours and training sessions