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Diesel power plants solar hybridization study and extensions of medium land low voltage networks for 23 isolated localities in Niger

Country : Niger. .
Client : NIGELEC, Nigerien Electricity Company
Start Date : 2023-02-01
Completion Date : 2023-12-31
Value of services : 253 800 EUROS
Funder : World Bank, IDA
Associate/Partner : CEH Sidi
Description :
IED and its local partner CEH Sidi are carrying out feasibility studies and procurement support for electrification works in 23 isolated localities previously supplied by diesel power plants. The studies cover (i) the analysis of electricity demand, (ii) diesel power plants hybridization by addition of solar generation and battery storage systems, (iii) the extension and reinforcement of MV and LV networks.
Description of the Actual Services Provided Data collection
- Collection missions in the 23 localities
- Collection of consumption data from major consumers
- Mapping of existing distribution networks
- Selection of a suitable site for solar production
Feasibility studies
- Electricity demand analysis
- Sizing and specifications of the solar/diesel/battery hybrid generation system
- Studies for the extension and reinforcement of MV and LV networks
- Economic and financial analysis
Procurement assistance
- Drafting of the tender documents
- Support to the contracting authority during the tender phase
Key Final Deliverables:
o Feasibility studies
o Tender documents for design, supply and installation (EPC) works