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Modelling Mauritania's energy trajectory by 2050

Country : Mauritania. .
Client : Ministry of Petroleum, Mines and Energy
Start Date : 2023-01-01
Completion Date : 2023-12-31
Value of services : 235 960 EUROS
Funder : AFD (French Development Agency ) .
Associate/Partner : ARTELYS
Description :
The overall objective is to support Mauritania in the development of a modelling tool to support the definition of an energy transition strategy for 2050 in connection with the fight against poverty and climate change.

- produce decision-making tools to support the Ministry of Petroleum, Mines and Energy in taking into account the challenges of combating poverty and climate change in its energy transition policy;

- Strengthen national capacities in energy sector modelling and understanding the links between energy transition trajectory, poverty reduction and climate change

- develop a model of the Mauritanian energy sector allowing, among other things, to analyze the trajectory of cooking energies and options to increase the rate of renewal of wood and charcoal withdrawals from wooded areas, and/or substitution by other energies (LPG, electrification, etc.).
Description of the Actual Services Provided 1. Data collection: collection and analysis of multi-sectoral energy data (oil, electricity, biomass, energy efficiency)
2. Framing scenarios for modelling and specifying adaptations of the CEPIA tool
3. Adaptation of the data collected for modelling, historical calibration of the tool
4. Development and testing of trajectory scenarios
5. Development of a policy note translating the scenarios.
6. User training in the developed tool