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Assessment of Electrification Options for Sierra Leone

Country : Sierra Leone. .
Client : The World Bank .
Start Date : 2022-03-21
Completion Date : 2023-06-28
Value of services : 185,915 USD
Funder : World Bank .
Associate/Partner : GME
Description :
The project objective is to undertake a national electrification analysis (NEA) to provide initiatives on various electricity access options the World Bank will use in its advisory services to the Government of Sierra Leone, as it seeks to accelerate electricity access.

The scope of work encompasses:
- data collection and analysis
- assessment of service quality levels
- identification of potential least-cost technology options for electrification, with a focus on grid densification, intensification and expansion;
- identification of potential options and arrangements for scaling up electrification in Sierra Leone in line with national access targets.
Description of the Actual Services Provided Task 1 is dedicated on the evaluation of electrification in Sierra Leone. Through a literature review, IED Consult focuses on the analysis of the current implementation of the network, as well as the analysis of the different strategies of the Government to develop the mini-grids, in particular through the involvement of the private sector.

The heart of IED Consult's mission is Task 3. This task aims at identifying low-cost electrification options in both urban and rural areas. Concretely, it consists in :
- gathering technical and economic data,
- preparing a GIS and thanks to the GEOSIM software,
- determining the areas to be electrified in priority,
- carrying out network extension simulations on the basis of the future load forecast.
- A financial analysis is finally conducted to determine the best way to deploy the supply options.

The results are presented in a national electrification analysis report, a final workshop and a training in geospatial analysis tools.