Technical assistance
Rural electrification. Renewable energy  Power distribution



Development of a detailed draft project for rural electrification of 50 villages

Country : Niger. .
Client : AFD (French Development Agency) .
Start Date : 2020-10-01
Completion Date : 2021-31-10
Value of services : 249 970 EUR
Funder : AFD (French Development Agency ) .
Associate/Partner : ANTEA (Subcontractor)
Description :
AFD aims to mobilize funding for an ANPER (Nigerian Agency for the Promotion of Rural Electrification) for the electrification of 250 localities in Niger in the Tillaberi, Tahoua and Agadez regions. After carrying out the summary draft project to design and encrypt the project, AFD entrusts IED with the completion of the Pre-project study for 50 villages.
Description of the Actual Services Provided Field work in the 50 villages (IED, ANPER and ANTEA):

Identification of location for the power plants, adjustment of network layouts in the place, detailed socio-economic and environmental surveys. IED develops the tools, trains ANPER agents in data collection, and monitors data collection by ANPER and ANTEA agents on a daily basis.

Completion of detailed studies:

• Techniques: adjusting demand forecasting, electrical and mechanical studies of networks, sizing power plants and detailed quantitative equipment.
• Economic and financial, operating arrangements
• Defining a plan to support income-generating activities.
• Defining an Environmental and Social Management Plan

Optional: writing the Call of Offers file.