Technical assistance
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Support for tendering processes for a biomass electrical power plants

Country : Ivory Coast
Client : Mines, Water and Energy Ministry .
Start Date : 2020-05-01
Completion Date : 2023-04-30
Value of services : 1 180 790 EUR
Funder : European Union .
Associate/Partner : Elcimai
Description :
The project is part of the "ENERGOS II" programme, whose aim is to contribute to the recovery of Côte d'Ivoire's electricity sector and to ensure its energy security in a sustainable manner. The mission is to highlight Côte d'Ivoire's biomass potential for the supply of electrical energy. The aim is to have summary feasibility studies allowing the Ivorian state to launch tenders for the selection of independent electricity producers.
Description of the Actual Services Provided Coordinating the project
• Identification of biomass resource deposits are identified..
• Identification of sites for 5 biomass plants, resource and environmental studies
• Economic and financial analysis of pre-projectstudies,
• Technical support to the client for the preparation of CAD for the selection of PPIs,consultation and negotiation withoperators
• Skills reinforcement and training of executives from the Directorate General of Energy and CI Energy