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Institutional Capacity Building to the Renewable Energy Sector

Country : Kenya
Client : Ministry of Energy, electricity department .
Start Date : 2020-09
Completion Date : 2023-09
Value of services : 3 425 500 EUR
Funder : European Union .
Associate/Partner : Subcontractors: Loughborough University Enterprises Limited (LUEL), Practical Action Consulting (PAC), International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), Catholic Agency For Overseas Development (CAFOD), African Centre for Technology Studies
Description :
The primary objective of this technical assistance programme is to provide institutional and technical expertise to public and private stakeholders of the Kenyan energy sector in the identification, planning and implementation of renewable energy, energy access and energy efficiency projects. Specifically, IED and its subcontractors are responsible for providing assistance in the form of capacity building and strategic support in four key areas:
• to the Ministry of Energy and other national energy agencies regarding planning, assessment and implementation of sustainable energy policies and projects
• to 47 county governments on energy matters, specifically on the development of County Energy Plans
• to the private sector in improving public-private engagement, reducing capacity gaps and barriers to access to financing for renewable energy, energy access and energy efficiency projects
• to civil society groups to improve engagement with public agencies and energy planning processes, and increase skills to undertake successful community engagement on renewable energy, energy access and energy efficiency projects.
Description of the Actual Services Provided As the lead contractor for the Project, IED develops coordinates the implementation of the technical assistance programme from a methodological and operational perspective. IED experts develop and lead in the strategic support and capacity building assignments at the national level, supporting MOE in planning methodologies, county engagement, and skills development in technical and economic evaluation of projects and energy plans, among others. IED is also involved in the county energy planning processes alongside subcontractors, through specific capacity building exercises in the advanced training programmes for county officials, as well as in providing geospatial planning and data analysis tools and methodologies to accompany county governments in the energy planning process. Finally, IED organised a number of workshops, training sessions and technical support facilities for private sector players and civil society organisations to support their engagement in the renewable energy sector in general and in the decentralised energy planning process specifically.