Technical assistance
Energy Efficiency. Hydro electricity  Power distribution



National Power Development Plan

Country : Cambodia
Client : Mines, Water and Energy Ministry .
Start Date : 2019-07
Completion Date : 2020-05
Value of services : N/A
Funder : ADB (Asian Development Bank) .
Associate/Partner : SAS EXENCI, France ; IED Cambodia (CCDE)
Description :
This project provides technical assistance to support the preparation of power development plan up to 2040 and related project pipeline for the development of Cambodia’s energy sector through capacity building and policy advice to be provided to the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) and Electricité du Cambodge (EDC). This project has three mains goals: (i) prepare power development plan up to 2040 (that includes demand forecasting, energy efficiency analysis, generation, transmission, and distribution planning), (ii) develop a pipeline of priority projects; and (iii) prepare a medium-term capacity development plan for MME and EDC staff.
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED Cambodia’s Engineers provide: (i) Support to facilitate coordination between stakeholders and all the international engineer staff; (ii) thematic expertise in renewable energies, energy efficiency, hydroelectricity, thermal energy, planning.

Energy Efficiency studies: (i) Review the existing energy efficiency policy and studies; (ii) Determine options for improvement in energy efficiency; (iii) Recommend appropriate capacity development plans for energy Efficiency.

Hydro Power Plant studies: (i) Analysis and technical review of hydropower projects in EDC’s pipeline; (ii) Review the unit cost estimates implementation schedule, and locations of the proposed thermal and gas power plants; (iii) Conduct training on hydropower energy technologies and support on how these could be used and improved in Cambodia.

Distribution studies: (i) Technical review of projects in EDC’s project pipeline for critical distribution lines; (ii) Review the cost estimates, implementation schedule, and proposed location of the distribution lines and their associated substation; (iii) Review existing technical specifications with MME and EDC’s technical staff to determine their appropriateness; (iv) Develop suitable plans for distribution network development that are consistent with the least-cost optimal generation plan; (v) Carry out prefeasibility studies for a few critical distribution lines and their associated substations; (vi) Conduct training to MME and EDC staff on distribution planning studies and prefeasibility studies.