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Diagnosis and preliminary project summary for 250 villages (off-grid)

Country : Niger
Client : AFD (French Development Agency )
Start Date : November 2019
Completion Date : May 2020
Value of services : 228 608 €
Funder : AFD (French Development Agency )
Associate/Partner : CEH-SIDI / ANTEA
Description :
In a context of strong insecurity, the Nigerien Rural Electrification Promotion Agency, the G5 Sahel and the French Development Agency want to increase access to modern energy services in rural areas close to areas of extreme insecurity to strengthen development dynamics.
For 250 villages in the areas of Tahoua, Agadez and Tillaberi, the aim of the preliminary project summary study is to :
1 / Establish a socio-economic diagnosis of targeted villages and actors at local, regional and national levels
2 / Study the various implementation options (technical economic studies and exploitation schemes)
3 / To carry out the preliminary project summary studies of the 250 villages according to the selected options
Description of the Actual Services Provided 1 / Diagnosis
• Inventory of existing infrastructures and actors in targeted areas
• Analysis of needs and capacity to pay for a sample of 27 villages (> 10% of villages)
• Security context analysis
• Analysis of the existing technological offer

2 / Study of implementation options:
• Adjust as needed the list of 250 localities;
• Study and characterization of the different options available on a representative sample of villages: technical-economic study, legal and institutional parameters

3 / Summary preliminary study for the 250 villages:
• Summary calculation and mapping of investments for the 250 villages according to the selected options
• Categorization of projects in terms of social and environmental impact
• Risk analysis and logical framework of the project