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Studies, project management assistance & project management for the rehabilitation of the electricity networks of Bambari and Berberati

Country : Republic of Centrafrica
Client : Ministry of Energy of Centrafrica
Start Date : March 2019
Completion Date : December 2021
Value of services : 528 000 €
Funder : World Bank
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
During the political-military crisis experienced by the Central African Republic between 2013 and 2016, the electrical infrastructures of the two largest cities of the country, Berberati and Bambari, were severely destroyed following destruction, theft and vandalism, or abandoned. The electricity service is thus greatly reduced and very random.

The World Bank is currently assisting the Central African Government and ENERCA, a national electricity company, to:
• Rehabilitate existing infrastructure and build new means of generating and transporting electricity;
• Improve the quality of the electricity service and the amount of energy produced;
• Increase the rate of access to electricity to improve the living conditions of the population;
• Contribute to the improvement of safety through the development of electrical services and thus allow the redeployment of administrations in these cities.

In Berberati and Bambari, IED was chosen to carry out a diagnosis of existing electrical equipments, propose rehabilitation and infrastructure construction solutions, to hybridize existing thermal power plants and rehabilitate the distribution network of the two cities.
Description of the Actual Services Provided 1 / Preliminary studies:
-Pre-project summary studies:
- Information gathering (demand assessment, hybridization of existing thermal power plants with solar fields of around 1MWc, rehabilitation needs of power stations, distribution network and public lighting, construction site needs) ;
- Demand analysis, topographic and geotechnical studies;
- Definition of rehabilitation works and construction of hybrid production and exploitation works, LV / MV networks, and the public lighting network;
- Assessment of equipment needs, estimation of overall costs, reporting.
-Detailed design studies:
- Definitions of technical specifications for solar / thermal hybridization, sizing of structures and networks, description of the layouts;
- Detailed topographic data and soil studies, development of geotechnical studies, environmental impact studies, civil engineering studies;
- Definition of equipment needs, financial needs, implementation schedules, maintenance instructions, allotments;
-Preparation of tender documents, reporting.

2 / Support to the administration:
o Preparation of tender documents (DAO);
o Project management assistance for the awarding of contracts and the selection of offers, reporting.

3 / Supervision and control of the works:
o Control, monitoring and reporting of the execution of the work (including technical and administrative verifications with regard to the DAO, tests and tests, control of the procedures, site management, conflict management, follow-up of the compliance schedule, logistics and storage monitoring);
o Post-execution assistance (receptions, collateral management, waiver of reserves).