Fiches GB: 2020-03-30

Rural electrification. N/A  N/A



Preparation of an Indicative Least Cost Geospatial Electrification Plan to Achieve Universal Access

Country : Namibia.
Client : Ministry of Mines and Energy of Namibia (MME)
Start Date : 2019-07-01
Completion Date : 2020-03-30
Value of services : 158 000 €
Funder : World Bank .
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The scope of work encompasses the preparation of a GIS database of relevant layers and a geospatial estimated least-cost electrification options analysis for use by the World Bank to advise the Namibian government as it prepares its National Rural Electricity Distribution Master Plan (REDMP)
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED organized the scope of work along the following tasks and corresponding outputs:
Phase 1 – First Order Geospatial Analysis
T1 – Data collection and preparation of GIS data layers
T2 – Spatial characterizations of population settlement concentrations, nucleation patterns, and indicative capex per new connection (urban and rural)
Phase 2 - Potential Least-cost options and investment requirements for achieving universal access using the GEOSIM tool; insights from international experience and best practice
T3 – Development of model for estimates for least-cost electrification options analysis
T4 – Potential least-cost options for grid-based densification and extension
T5 – Potential least-cost options for isolated networks (mini-grids) and standalone systems
T6 – Sensitivity analysis
T7 – Capacity building