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Project instruction support for the security, extension and modernization of 4 hydro plants (4 MW, 7 MW and 8 MW)

Country : Uzbekistan
Client : UzGidroEnergo
Start Date : 11/06/2019
Completion Date : March 2020
Value of services : 387 070 €
Funder : AFD (French Development Agency )
Associate/Partner : ISL / R +
Description :
As part of its development strategy for 2017-2021, the Uzbekistan Presidency has launched a national action plan to increase the share of hydropower in the Uzbek energy mix, namely through the renovation of the existing hydroelectric facilities.
The Uzbek Government and the public operating company Uzgidro have therefore requested the French Development Agency (AFD) to finance four power plant renovation projects.

The objective of the consortium of companies led by IED is to provide all technical, organizational, legal, environmental, social-economic and financial information enabling AFD to make a decision on the financing of these projects and their possible returns.
The projects studied by the consortium are:
1. Increase the production capacity of the JFK-1 hydroelectric plant by more than 4MW;
2. Increase the production capacity of the JFK-2 hydroelectric plant by more than 7MW;
3. Demolition of the former Paytok disused hydropower plant and creation of a new 8 MW hydroelectric generating station on the same site;
4. General security of the dam and the Charvak hydroelectric power station.
Description of the Actual Services Provided The consortium led by IED leads the following actions:
• Feasibility studies: site visits, collection and processing of technical and economic data, technical and financial studies, limited environmental and social impact studies;
• Summary preliminary studies: topographic and bathymetric surveys, geotechnical modeling, design and technical dimensioning of structures, definition of equipment, planning of project stages, study of the production, financial study;
• Development of recommendations on the terms of reference of the project management assistance for the monitoring of the procurement and the execution of worksites.

In this context, IED is responsible for:
1 / The coordination of the AFD support project and the supervision of the consortium members in the management of the project
2 / The definition of the mechanical equipment needs of hydropower projects;
3 / Data processing and economic and financial modeling of hydroelectric projects.