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Detailed Studies of Nchi small hydro power plant (2.4 MW) and capacity building

Country : Cameroon
Client : ENEO
Start Date : 21/05/2019
Completion Date : 21/11/2019
Value of services : 104 130 €
Funder : Private (ENEO)
Associate/Partner : Soil & Water Investigations / DMH / Agridev
Description :
Cameroon benefits from Africa's third hydroelectric potential, currently under-exploited, despite increasing electricity needs, particularly in rural areas.
In this context, ENEO, a private company with a public electricity utility mission in Cameroon, regularly studies the opportunities for developing new electricity generation sites based on national political strategies, data quality of service to its layout and various local expressions of need for electricity supply.
ENEO thus identified several possible sites for the construction of small hydropower plants that would ultimately improve the quality of service of its users on the network while optimizing electricity generation costs.

The consortium led by IED was therefore mandated for the :
1 / completion of a detailed design for a small hydropower plant (PCH) of 2.5MW in Marom, western Cameroon;
2 / the transfer of this competence to the ENEO teams with a view to reproducibility on other sites.
Description of the Actual Services Provided 1 / Realization of the detailed design (APD):
• Site visits and collection of technical and socio-economic data;
• Realization of the feasibility study (hydrological and sedimentation studies, detailed design);
• Realization of the APD study (review and topographic validation, realization of civil engineering studies and plans, realization of electromechanical studies and control commands, review of electrical studies, realization of economic and financial studies);
• Coordination, review and validation of geological, topographic geotechnical and environmental impact studies.

2 / Organization and animation of specific training courses:
• Contribution of digital tools (software) and support methods to studies (design, sizing, budgeting, integration, profitability);
• Training in hydrology, electromechanical equipment
• Training in energy management, resource management;
• Training in production of technical files and tender documents
• Training in economic & financial analysis of projects.