Fiches GB: 21/11/2019

Hydro electricity. N/A  N/A



Support on the Execution Studies of the small hydroelectric power station of NCHI in the locality of Marom by Foumban (2.5MW)

Country : Cameroon
Client : ENEO
Start Date : 21/05/2019
Completion Date : 21/11/2019
Value of services : 104 130 €
Funder : Private (ENEO)
Associate/Partner : Soil & Water Investigations: geology & geotechnics DMH: topographical assistance Agridev: socio-environmental study
Description :
Development of the mini-hydro to help communities access electricity, optimize extension and connection policies to existing networks, improve service quality and finally improve operational performance. Eneo, which is positioning itself as a public service company, is studying opportunities for the development of potential sites based on the quality of service data available to it and on the real will of Cameroon.
Realization of a detailed detailed design on the NCHI in the locality of Marom by Foumban (2.5MW) and training cycle for ENEO teams
Description of the Actual Services Provided Completion of full ODA;
Providing tools to help the realization (design, dimensioning,
budgeting, integration, profitability, ...)
Organization and animation of specific training courses for certain modules: Hydrology, Hydro development, Electromechanical equipment, Economic & financial analysis
Management of energy works, resource management and evaluation of the costs and profitability of a development.
Production of technical files (plans, methodological notes, calculation notes, environmental record and certificate of conformity, topography, geology, geotechnics, study report, design, ...);
Production of the bidding documents including the evaluation criteria;