Fiches GB: 05/2022

Technical assistance
Solar power. N/A  N/A



Assistance in project management of PV solar hybridization works and extension of mini-MV and LV networks for 29 localities powered by diesel generators

Country : Niger
Client : NIGELEC
Start Date : 05/2019
Completion Date : 05/2022
Value of services : 2 029 600 €
Funder : World Bank
Associate/Partner : CEH-SIDI
Description :
Increase access to electrical service in 29 remote locations in the national grid. The selected localities have a mini-grid fed by one or two generators. The aim is to assist Nigelec in the recruitment and monitoring of selected companies for the realization of solar hybridization and extensions of MV and LV distribution networks.
Description of the Actual Services Provided - Finalization of the DAOs: solar power plants (9 MW total), storage systems and extensions of MV and LV networks
- Assistance with the selection of companies and the awarding of contracts
- Supervision of works
- Assistance and advice during the operation phase
- Strengthening the skills of NIGELEC