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Technical Assistance to the SUNREF program for energy efficiency & renewable energy projects financing

Country : Cameroon
Client : GICAM
Start Date : November 2018
Completion Date : November 2021
Value of services : 915 000 €
Funder : AFD (French Development Agency ) .
Associate/Partner : Ginger Burgeap
Description :
The SUNREF program is a Green Finance scheme for companies with renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) projects created by the French Development Agency (AFD) in more than 30 countries.
Promoters of renewable energy and EE projects can benefit from loans on favorable terms from the network of commercial partner banks, loans guaranteed by a credit line opened by AFD.

In Cameroon, in order to achieve the objective of promoting the sustainable financing of renewable energy and business investments, AFD has entrusted the Cameroon Inter-Patronage Group (GICAM) with the implementation of the program, and SCB Cameroon bank, the management of the supply of financing.

In this context, and in partnership with Burgeap, IED provides technical assistance to these two structures with the aim of:
1 / Structure, plan and monitor program activities with GICAM.
2 / Develop communication and information tools on the Sunref program;
3 / Develop a portfolio of renewable energy and EE projects eligible for Sunref financing;
4 / Strengthen the capacity of GICAM and the SCB Bank in renewable energies and EE
Description of the Actual Services Provided 1 / SUNREF program coordination:
• Structuring and strategic planning (drafting of operational manuals, planning and management of activities, logistical organization of events, administrative and financial management, reporting to AFD);
• Monitoring the portfolio of funded projects, monitoring / evaluation of project impacts.

2 / Accompaniment of GICAM and the SCB bank in their communication:
• Define and control the development of advocacy tools (GICAM) and marketing (SCB) to promote lines of credit to companies;
• Awareness of R & E issues, contribution to program visibility and collection of experiences and good practices.

3 / Development of a portfolio of renewable energy projects eligible for SUNREF funding:
• Identification and promotion of project opportunities;
• Technical support to companies for setting up and monitoring financing opportunities;
• SUNREF eligibility checks, technical audit of submitted and completed projects.

4 / Capacity building, skills transfer (GICAM and SCB bank):
• Definition and implementation of training in project analysis and use of risk analysis tools, study of project promoters and knowledge of the EnR and EE market players;
• Definition and implementation of technical awareness training for renewable energies (biomass, solar, hydroelectricity) and EE;
• Organization of awareness / business training workshops on investment opportunities in renewable energy and EE.