Fiches GB: June 2019

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Promoting integrated biomass and small hydro solutions for productive uses in Cameroon - Development of a Detailed Project Report for HydroPowerPlant Sites in Cameroon: Site A – Bafang hydro project (2.5MW)

Country : Cameroon
Client : ONUDI - MINEE
Start Date : November 2018
Completion Date : June 2019
Value of services : 171 659 $
Funder : GEF
Associate/Partner : Prescor, Georig, JMN
Description :
The development of small hydropower in Cameroon is still too weak compared its high potential (third potential of Africa) and access to electricity in rural areas.
This project focuses on promoting the wide scale uptake of renewable energy generation in Cameroon for energy access and productive uses with a strong industrial focus i.e. renewable energy based mini grids for productive purposes, which is UNIDO’s overall mandate. The project clearly is in line with UNIDO’s energy strategy which aims at helping developing countries to achieve the following objectives:
• Enhance access to modern energy services based on renewable for the rural and poor population;
• Increase the competitiveness of their industries by reducing industrial energy intensity;
• Reduce their impact on climate change by decreasing the carbon emissions of their industries and by promoting renewable energy technologies; and
• Increase the viability of their enterprises, particularly in rural areas, by augmenting the availability of renewable energy for productive uses.
The aim of the project is to reduce GHG emissions through promotion of investments and a market in the scale up and replication of integrated renewable energy solutions for productive uses and industrial applications in Cameroon, by conducting a Detailed Project Report (DPR) that will properly address the technical, economic and financial issues as well as environmental and socio-economic conditions, and to present a comprehensive feasibility study report and bid documents for installation of the small power plant in Bafang, with a nominal capacity of 2.5 MW.
Description of the Actual Services Provided • Prepare a feasibility study and detailed project report
. Inception Mission
. Topographical Survey
. Geological studies and geotechnical tests
. Hydrological and sedimentation studies
. Detailed design and layout of powerplant
. Economic and financial evaluation
. Socio-economic study
. Environmental Impact services
. Bill of quantities and project schedule
• Prepare bids documents