Fiches GB: 15/04/2019

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Feasibility study, tender dossier and assistance to contracting of a project of decentralized electrification of rural localities in Ivory Coast

Country : Ivory Coast
Client : Expertise France
Start Date : 15/11/2018
Completion Date : 15/04/2019
Value of services : 329 210 €
Funder : European Union
Associate/Partner : FINERGREEN
Description :
The objective of this component "Rural Renewable Energy Rural Electrification" is to provide off-grid electrification solutions from renewable energy to rural communities. It provides the realization of autonomous networks powered by hybrid solar power plants (photovoltaic / generators with energy storage batteries) and the installation of individual photovoltaic systems in 30 localities of 100 to 1000 inhabitants of the departments of Tiassale, Korhogo, Kong, Tabou, Zaouan-Hounien, Bongouanou, Koro and Minignan, representing a total population of 9390 inhabitants.
Description of the Actual Services Provided The feasibility study will include among others, for each locality:
-An assessment of the demand for electrical energy (in power and energy) and its projection on the lifetime of the works and an assessment of its potential development.
-An analysis of possible strategies for energy management and demand management;
-The development of the service scheme and the dimensioning of power generation and distribution equipment, including, for localities under MV line, the control of voltage drops and the feasibility of a connection to the national grid;
-An economic analysis (cost-benefit analysis of electrification options) and tariff analysis, based on a feedback of experiences in terms of investment costs and electrification solutions applied in the sub-region and taking into account the Ivory Coast context;
-A study of the management method taking into account the specific Ivory Coast context and the legal and regulatory framework in force in the electricity sector