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Feasibility study, tender dossier and assistance to contracting of a project of decentralized electrification of rural localities in Ivory Coast

Country : Ivory Coast
Client : Expertise France
Start Date : 15/11/2018
Completion Date : 31/12/2019
Value of services : 344 970 €
Funder : European Union
Associate/Partner : FINERGREEN
Description :
The objective of this component "Rural Renewable Energy Rural Electrification" is to provide off-grid electrification solutions from renewable energy to rural communities. It provides the realization of autonomous networks powered by hybrid solar power plants (photovoltaic / generators with energy storage batteries) and the installation of individual photovoltaic systems in 24 localities of 100 to 1000 inhabitants of the departments of Tiassale, Korhogo, Bongouanou, Koro and Minignan.
Description of the Actual Services Provided The feasibility study will include among others, for each locality:
-An assessment of the demand for electrical energy (in power and energy) and its projection on the lifetime of the works and an assessment of its potential development.
-An analysis of possible strategies for energy management and demand management;
-The development of the service scheme and the dimensioning of power generation and distribution equipment, including, for localities under MV line, the control of voltage drops and the feasibility of a connection to the national grid;
-An economic analysis (cost-benefit analysis of electrification options) and tariff analysis, based on a feedback of experiences in terms of investment costs and electrification solutions applied in the sub-region and taking into account the Ivory Coast context;
- A study of the management mode taking into account the specific context of Côte d'Ivoire and the legal and regulatory framework in effect in the electricity sector,
-A proposal for a strategy to promote energy efficiency and productive uses of electricity in favour of women and young people;
-A simplified environmental and social assessment;
-A monitoring and evaluation plan of the expected impacts;
-The preparation of tender documents for the supply of equipment and the execution of works.
- Technical analysis of bids in the framework of the award of contracts.
IED has carried out more than 2700 addressing surveys (GPS point + customer characterization) as well as a sampling of 1000 detailed consumption surveys based on ODK questionnaires carried out from tablet with households.