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Rural Electrification Study for 5 Localities in the Lunda Norte Region for a 12 MW Hydropower Plant Project

Country : Angola. .
Client : PRODEL CMN Hydroquest
Start Date : 18/01/2018
Completion Date : 16/03/2018
Value of services : 24 300 €
Funder : CMN and Hydroquest
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The project is carried out as part of a partnership between PRODEL and HydroQuest for the development of rural electrification projects (IPP concession framework) through the implementation of hydroelectric or tidal pilot projects.
Four hydroelectric sites have been selected and presented to the Angolan Government for carrying out studies for a pilot project to be carried out in 2018.
The objective of the study is to determine which rural communities will be able to benefit from the energy produced, to define scenarios of transport / distribution network routes and to decide on the hydroelectric site (s) to be retained.
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED has carried out the following tasks:
- GIS digitization of target locations
- Forecasting local demand
- Scenarios of transmission / distribution network routes and configurations depending on the location and choice of hydroelectric sites
- Financial estimation of the scenarios
- Economic analysis
- Recommendation of choice of scenario and selection of hydroelectric site (Cafunfo: 12 MW)