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Technical assistance to the Energy and sustainable economic growth project in the Mouhoun area

Country : Burkina Faso
Start Date : 11/09/2017
Completion Date : 09/2019
Value of services : 300 000 €
Funder : AMC (Affaires Mondiales Canada)
Associate/Partner : EDIS
Description :
The Energy and Sustainable Economic Growth project in the Mouhoun area (ECED Mouhoun) is funded by AMC and the FDE. It is implemented by CowaterSogema International Inc.
The project aims to accelerate sustainable economic growth in Burkina Faso through three components: (1) Access to energy (2) Local economic development and (3) Governance and capacity building.
Component 1 provides electrification for 15 rural localities and the installation of Photovoltaic (PV) solar systems for 30 remote health centers. EDIS, the IED subsidiary in Burkina Faso, was contracted by COWATER to carry out the studies and follow up the work of Component 1.
Description of the Actual Services Provided EDIS is in charge of the following activities:
(1) Select the targeted locations for electrification (10 localities initially targeted, EDIS proposed to electrify 15 with the same budget)
(2) Conduct APS studies, then ODA of targeted localities
(3) Write the bidding documents and support the contracting authority in the procurement process
(4) Conduct a sizing study for the electrification of 30 CSPS (Health Centers) in isolated localities
(5) Write the bidding documents for the electrification of the 30 CSPS
(5) Provide supervision of the work