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Comparative study of a transitional phase operation of the engines of the future Lucciana power station with heavy or light fuel oil

Country : France .
Client : OEC - Office de l’Environnement de la Corse .
Start Date : 01 May 2005
Completion Date : 31 August 2011
Value of services : N/A
Funder : CTC - Collectivité Territoriale de Corse
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
EDF has been authorized to operate the new diesel plant Lucciana B (120 MW) using very very low sulfur content heavy fuel oil pending the arrival of natural gas. Faced with strong local opposition, OEC on behalf of CTC wishes to review the comparative aspects of a transient operating period on diesel or heavy fuel: technical requirements, emissions, institutional and economic aspects
Description of the Actual Services Provided 1: Gathering information and feedback from stakeholders:
Corsica: CTC, CSB, ADEME, DREAL, EDF operator; Prefecture and Region of Corsica, municipality of Lucciana Qualitair; ecological associations
On the mainland: CRE, DGEC, producer EDF, MAN Diesel
2 Construction of a model simulating the operation of Corsica electrical system
This model allows us to reconstruct hourly placement of inputs and interconnections to meet demand, optimizing costs under various technical constraints. It also determines probabilistically the depth and extent of any outages.
It allows in this case to assess the electricity shortage risks resulting from possible delay in the commissioning of Lucciana B, the difference in cost of fuel supply according to the strategy and the consequences in terms of emissions at the sites of Lucciana and Ajaccio.
3: Writing the interim report. Presentation to the Advisor responsible for energy.
4: Writing the final report. Presentation to Energy Council of Corsica