Fiches GB: 06/2018

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Jakarta network Masterplan Study

Country : Indonesia
Client : PLN (Indonesian Electricity Utility)
Start Date : 09/2017
Completion Date : 06/2018
Value of services : 590 840 €
Funder : AFD (French Development Agency ) .
Associate/Partner : TRACTEBEL LAPI
Description :
The objective of the study is to provide technical options to PLN to carry out the expansion plan of generation, transmission and distribution networks of Jakarta conurbation Jabodetabek housing 30 million inhabitant.
The study shall contribute to improve the system’s efficiency taking into account technical, environmental, economic and financial aspects.
The overall expected output is the production of Jakarta’s master plan study over the next 20 years.
The study focuses on Jakarta but takes into account the whole Java-Bali system
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED was part of the data collection, has performed the load forecast study and the financial and economic analysis.
Data collection :
• IED team met several times PLN staff to collect and consolidate data from 3 regional unit: historical load data, GIS data (substation position, MV feeder route, MV/LV transformer position). IED gathered and consolidated socio-economic data from public sources (population and GDP)
• IED staff has made the load forecast for Jakarta and the whole Java-Bali system through a double approach: top-down and bottom-up. 1st way was to analyze the historical trends and forecast the demand evolution based on population and GDP evolution forecast. 2nd way was to analyze substation load and historical development. Then the final load forecast consisted in the consolidation of the two approach. This dual methodology allowed to have a consistent and georeferenced load forecast
• IED performed the economic and financial analysis for 4 options proposed for the generation and transmission development plans for the next 20 years