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Feasibility studies and Preliminary Draft for the construction of a commercial complex with bus station and a public lighting system with solar energy in the city of Foumbot (Cameroon)

Country : Cameroon
Client : Urbaconsulting
Start Date : 11/2016
Completion Date : 02/2017
Value of services : EUR 11 200
Funder : FEICOM
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
IED’s assignment includes the feasibility study and the production of plans for the project draft for Public lighting by individual solar street lights and intersections on the open-air areas of the future bus station, the future market, as well as on roads
Description of the Actual Services Provided 1. Data collection
- Collection of applicable regulatory documents
- Identification of the roads and intersections concerned (location, length, widths, shoulders, surrounding buildings planned, etc.)
- Collection of existing maps and plans of the perimeter concerned
- Collection of solar irradiance data

2. 6-day on-site mission
-Sites visits. Validation of the areas concerned, applicable technical options
- Identification of ownership mode, management, maintenance
- OPEX cost calculation (maintenance, replacements, etc.)

3. Project draft
- Validation of the applicable normative framework
- Definition of the dimensioning criteria (allowing flexibility of options according to the routes, place-types)
- Dimensioning technique, BQE
- Consultation of various suppliers
- Investment budget calculation (project management, supply, installation, commissioning)
- Prescriptions and costing of maintenance.

4. Production of diagrams for each type of equipment
-Implementation on mass plan (according to mass plans produced by Urbaconsulting)
-Plans (plan view, elevation, sections, technical drawings, etc.)