Energy Efficiency. Drinking water supply  Renewable energy



Improving the performances of Aguabrava in charge of production and distribution of drinking water on the islands of Fogo and Brava in Cape Verde, under the Cooperation of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Country : Cape Verde .
Client : AGUABRAVA – Saint Philippe - Cap-Vert .
Start Date : May 2011
Completion Date : October 2011
Value of services : 27 916 $
Funder : Lux Developement (Luxembourg agency for cooperation and development)
Associate/Partner : Hydroconseil (France); Ecopsis (Switzerland); IED (France)
Description :
Drinking water and sanitation is a priority in the CIP III, especially in the form of support for the implementation of PAGIRE (Action Plan for Integrated Water Resources), which was officially promulgated in November 2010, which sets a new standard for the programmatic area.
A mandate to formulate a new sector project "Water and Sanitation" in the PIC III was assigned to a team of consultants under the responsibility of Lux-Development. Hydroconseil responsible for developing this formulation has appointed several expertises for specific studies.
IED has carried out, in the context of this operation, the tasks associated with the energy expertise of Aguabrava’s infrastructures to improve their technical and economic performances
Description of the Actual Services Provided EE (Energy Efficiency) concerns: Audit of infrastructures dedicated to production and distribution of drinking water consumption analysis with identification of sources for energy savings, feasibility study
RE (Renewable Energy) concerns: Potential assessment for renewable resources (wind & solar) valorization, comparative analysis of legal & juridical structure (vs. self-producer independent producer), technical and economic expertise of a wind turbine, techno-economic analysis (wind turbine generators vs PV generators) with pre-design and feasibility study.