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Promotion of Rural Electrification through renewable energies - PERER

Country : Madagascar
Client : ADER - Rural Electrification Development Agency (Madagascar)
Start Date : 12/4/2016
Completion Date : 27/4/2016
Value of services : 25 188 EUR
Funder : GIZ
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
Advising ADER in the form of training / actions for the evaluation of tenders on technical, economic and financial aspects, based on the study of the proposals submitted within the framework of the AP1 call for projects, concerning the electrification of rural villages in 9 lots in 4 regions (SAVA-SOFIA-BOLONGAVA-IROHOMBE)
Description of the Actual Services Provided 1.Analyse and aid to the Energy sector organization
- Clarification of the responsibilities of the evaluation committee and the consultant
- Knowledge / review of tender documents / calls for projects in progress with in order to draft recommendations and the technical documentation given by the ADER for the various hydro sites.
- Identification of capacity building needs of ADER staff in the evaluation of bids and analysis of existing analytical processes and tools at ADER
- Organization and facilitation of training sessions / actions: theoretical upgrading to prepare to the analysis of offers
- Implementation of new improved processes / tools

2. Assist the ADER during the analysis of tenders submitted further to the first AP1 call for projects (2015) on the technical, economic and financial aspects

3. Formulation of practical recommendations / proposals to improve:
- The processes and the stages relating to the calls for projects and the evaluation of the tenders
- Documents to be submitted by tenderers
- The existing evaluation tools and / or new tools to be set up according to identified needs