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Development of electrification models for peri-urban informal settlements in Burkina Faso

Country : Burkina Faso
Client : Sonabel and Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MHU)
Start Date : January 2015
Completion Date : July 2015
Value of services : 126 000 EUR
Funder : World Bank
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The overall objective is to define an implementation framework of projects for access to energy in peri-urban areas:
- Inventory of access to electricity in peri-urban areas;
- Development of appropriate models, based on a review of successful approaches in other countries;
- Prepare, with a view to replicating, the implementation of pilot projects
Description of the Actual Services Provided - Review the status of electricity access in peri-urban informal settlements to identify current practices and assess households' capacity-to-pay
- Analysis of the regulatory, legal and institutional barriers to electricity service in peri-urban informal settlements
- Review international approaches to electrification in informal settlements to determine the key success factors and inform decision-making for Burkina Faso
- Analyze and produce recommendations to define the strategic guidelines for implementing a peri-urban electrification policy in Burkina Faso. This notably involves fostering consultation between electrical engineers and urban planners
- Revision of urban planning procedures in Burkina Faso
- Prepare pilot initiatives in the assignment target settlements, which are those identified by the Urban Country Program (PPUB) within Bobo-Dioulasso, Dédougou, Dori, Ouagadougou and Tenkodogo
- Development of recommendations for the extension of pilot projects in informal settlements