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Prefeasibility study of PHARE project (Hybrid Power Generation and rural access to energy)

Country : Mali
Client : AFD (French Development Agency) / AMADER - Agence Malienne pour le Développement de l'Energie Domestique et l' Electrification Rurale
Start Date : 07/2015
Completion Date : 11/2015
Value of services : 71 900 €
Funder : AFD (French Development Agency )
Associate/Partner : GERES
Description :
Mali has received funding from the AFD for implementing PV-Diesel distributed hybrid systems and for the extension of minigrids (PHARE programme: Production hybride et Accès Rural à l’Electricité).
The study is part of the project appraisal phase by AFD.
The objective is the precise definition of the perimeter and cost of this project. The key tasks are: support for the selection of target sites, the definition of the types of hybrid generation systems and the minigrids extensions, the review of the legal and environmental aspects, as well as identification of the needs regarding capacity building at the AMADER and at the operators’ level.
The project consists of two components: (i) the pre-sizing and costing for infrastructure investment and definition of the associated technical assistance, (ii) the definition of technical assistance for capacity building.
Description of the Actual Services Provided -Review of the selection criteria for the list of 60 target localities.
-Assessment of the load potential and its future growth for a selected sample of localities. Assessment of the load pattern for 3 types of localities.
-Technical design and costing of the most suitable PV-Diesel hybrid power generation system for each of the 60 sites, and assessment of grid extension needs.
-Economic and financial analysis of the project from both the point of view of minigrids operators and of the AMADER and the funder.
-Review of the legal and contractual framework and recommendations for improvement.
-Recommendations regarding the project perimeter, budget, targets both in terms of infrastructure and capacity building.