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National rural electrification Master plan

Country : Ivory Coast
Client : CI-Energies, Société des Energies de Côte d’Ivoire
Start Date : 01-02-2014
Completion Date : 01-08- 2015
Value of services : 727 186 €
Funder : CI-Energies, Société des Energies de Côte d’Ivoire
Associate/Partner : TERRABO
Description :
The objective of the Master plan is to identify and plan investments for distribution (MV-LV) required for the electrification of all rural localities by 2025. Specifically, the Ivorian Government required a technical assistance for :

- The implementation of its rural electrification policy
- The formulation of its rural electrification strategy, taking into account the economic and social development plan for rural population
- The establishment of a long term and realistic planning for the implementation of the rural electrification strategy
- The preparation of funding applications with international partners
- The development of industries and development of the productive uses of energy
Description of the Actual Services Provided - Data collection (localities, electricity network, socio economic and demographic indicators, agro industry sites, digitized base maps, demographic database, socio economic patterns of households in rural areas, household energy consumption patterns in both off-grid areas and in connected areas, etc.)
- Inventory of rural electrification current status, technical description of existing grids, costs
- Inventory of existing energy production
- Description of technical options for rural electrification (production and distribution)
- Definition of planning criteria and strategy
- Technical and economic modeling for localities connection
- Preparation of the national Master plan
- Environmental impact assessment
- GIS database development
- Establishment of the rural electrification monitoring plan
- Budgeting plan for rural electrification