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Project Management for the Decentralized rural electrification in Ziro and Gourma Provinces (ERD ZIGO Project)

Country : Burkina Faso
Client : Fonds de Développement de l’Electrification (FDE)
Start Date : 11/2014
Completion Date : 05/2020
Value of services : 1 856 330 €
Funder : European Union (Energy Facility) - Electrification Development Fund (FDE) + Targeted municipalities
Associate/Partner : Energie Développement Ingénierie Services –EDIS
Description :
The overall objective of the project is the socio-economic development and poverty alleviation in Ziro and Gourma Provinces through the increase of electricity access rate and valorisation of renewable energy sources. Specifically, the project aims to (1) Connect 45 localities to electricity by implementation of 2 hybrid power plants (PV/biomass/diesel and PV/diesel) and associated MV/LV lines (2) Support the development and connection of productive activities (3) strengthen FDE expertise and position.
Description of the Actual Services Provided - Detailed engineering studies on distribution and supply infrastructures: confirmation of technical options, localization and characterization of potential customers, socioeconomic surveys, demand forecast, power plants sizing, electrical and mechanical network studies, economic and financial studies
- Elaboration of tender dossiers for "Networks" and "Power plants"
- Work supervision
- Definition of the biomass supply chain
- Support to definition and implementation of the plant’s operating model, definition and follow-up of operation monitoring system
- Support to social mediation and commercial campaigns in targeted localities
- Set up of supporting measures for (1) domestic, social infrastructures and economic connections (2) the development of productive uses of energy
- Promotion and dissemination of low consumption devices
- In the targeted localities, promotion and dissemination of (1) solar lamps in off-grid areas (2) efficient devices in connected areas.